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This is because someday, we'll be able to say "Welcome, Taylor!", and we'd like to know how to address you.

This is just a login thing right now. Someday we'll send emails as reminders, but you can always change it later. For now, anything is fine, as long as it has an "@". Just remember it, because we don't have any sort of user/password recovery function yet.
Yeah, I wouldn't worry a lot about this one. Worst case scenario, someone hacks your account and deletes your meals. But why would they? More importantly, don't use the same password you use at your bank. Your password is hashed, but still.

Before you spend any time doing anything crazy like putting in your own menu choices, try the app. You have to have at least 20ish choices to not break the algorithm, and that is WAY too much work to enter those to just try the app. They're super easy to delete, I promise.