Meal planning made simpler and randomish Meal planning made simple

Planning to feed ourselves shouldn't be complex, time consuming, or frustrating...

...but it often is.

Mealish is a lightweight, simple app. You enter meal options you want. Mealish selects (mostly) randomly.

Ta-da! Meal planning, done.

  • Only see options you want to see.
  • Keep all your options in rotation.
  • One and done. Enter your options once, never worry about what to make for dinner again.

Why use Mealish?

Because we all want to eat better, reduce stress, and save money.


Random plans

No brain cells required.


Family View

No more "what's for dinner".


Modify plan

Tweak if you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is for people who struggle with "what do I make", and have tried other meal planning services and found them not quite right.

    It is not for people who have no issues with meal planning, people who have a meal planning process that works for them, or people who don't really care what they eat.

  • Currently, and for the forseeable future, it's free. Everything you can do at sign up will remain free for existing users, even if we go to a freemium model in the future.

  • Yes and no. You could randomize with a spreadsheet, but truly random is less than ideal for meals.

    Mealish has an advantage over true randomization because:

    1. It won't offer you the same component (chicken, beef, whatever) two nights in a row.
    2. It won't offer you the same category (Italian, slow cooker, etc) two nights in a row.
    3. It won't offer you the same food more frequently then the max frequency you've specified.
    So for some people, a random spreadsheet is better! No additional login, you own the setup, you can customize the columns however you want.

    Mealish is just a tool... not everyone needs the same tool.